Monday, July 16, 2012

No cheese today , I'm serving crab

Ever just wake up and hate everything? Look at your kids and wish you were babysitting them, and could take them home to their parents?

I am having an awful mental decompensation day today, made worse by my off-ling waking up with a chip on her shoulder the size of Kentucky, and taking it out on me because I had to work and she spent the previous day/eve with all testosterone.

My Crab's went from minor to MAJOR really fast.

I am not sure if I should even be blogging today or just keep you in the mystery of the how and whys I go mad.

Took all I had not to tell my physical therapist off, cause I am mad and frustrated with my arm and he keeps cheerfully reminding me it will get better. I don't want it to GET BETTER, I want it to BE BETTER RIGHT NOW!

I F"N NEED MY ARM IN NOVEMBER. I spend a lot of the winter months cane walking. My injured elbow is my cane arm.

Frustrated howlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to be positive (no not really, I am too far gone for that today.) but I am just so angry. That driver didn't have permission to come in and injure me and leave me with ANOTHER chronic injury that hurts me FORFREAKINEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oops, should have put a warning on this blog today, "temper tantrum in process"

I'm just in a mood today and I can't get out of it. Its like I wanna go out and punch kittens, or kick puppies.

Bleah, I need a spanking and sent back to bed.

I need to just sit down and cry and grieve for my elbow and face the fact that YET ANOTHER PERSON HAS HURT ME AND WALKED AWAY. BUT BOY IT PISSES THE HELL OUTTA ME.

I want to disappear with a 2 liter of Pepsi and drown my sorrows.

I want to get online and kill stuff with my DragonAge party.

I want to hurt everything in my sight until everyone is as crabby and bitter as I am.


Save your smiles and pats on the head today unless you want your arm ripped off. I'm okay despite how bad I may sound. Actually ranting and venting like this keeps me safe. (and probably the rest of the planet as well)

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