Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I write "do or die" lists (DORDIE) all the time. They keep me focused and organized. I want to share this one with you. I found it while cleaning yesterday.


eat right
make sure everyone eats all three meals  (that should be an easy one aye? not for my house)
work on loosing 40 pounds - your back will thank you
Get on the soda wagon again
call and get thyroid labs set up next month
walk each evening - get Menfolk to come with you
clean the mess in the garage and rebox the stuff you shuffled through
clean the truck
on non-work nights GET TO BED BY 10:00!!! the lack of sleep is killing you!
destress each morning upon awakening
make sure JUR brushes his teeth in the morning too
make a grocery list
do something creative. illustrate the gorilla story/work on Stinker rough draft/draw anything!
get out of your rut
get out of debt
vacuum the house

You want to know the kicker in all this? This particular DORDIE list is dated 2009 and every thing on it - EVERYTHING ON IT - is still 100% up to date and current! ROTFLMAO. Guess this one I should call the never-gets-done-dordie list!