Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grandpa JUR

Long work night last night, not going to try to write with only a few hours of sleep. Have to spend my time today trying to find a flavorless toothpaste. Jur has such horrible oral issues with taste/textures its hard for him to brush his teeth each day the paste just gags him.

We are going fishing in a week and it reminded me of this funny email I sent out years ago in 2008. It still makes me laugh.

A while back older sister and I took Josh along as she shopped for her couch and TV. JUR ran though the furnature stores with wild abandon. He tired out all the furniture, examined all the appliances and loved every second of it.

Reminded me of how I was playing in my Grandparents two furniture stores.

When we stopped in GI Joes to get something he informed me he wanted to go fishing. I think he is slowing morphing into grandpa Gill.

We went out today and got him a pole and tackle box with all sort of fun doodads. (okay so I like to fish too)

It brought back many memories. JUR will be the 6th child I have taught to fish. It will be fun and give me many more memories to add to my heart collection.

I loved to fish with Grandpa Gill. he and I would wade out and cast and just stand there in silence and get lost in the water. I fished without a hook, for me the excitment was in standing in the water and watching the swirling water. Grandpa only asked me once if I wanted a hook. I told him, with a hook I just caught fish, but if I fished with a string and float I could catch the whole river. He understood.

When he died and I had a chance to pick something to remember him by I choose the strawberry container of wrapped pennies and his fishing liscence.

I fondly recall once when my farm son JEH and I were at the lake and he had found this HUGE bright colored fake fish with a tri-pod hook (looked like you would use it to catch krackens in the open sea) and he wanted to practice his double loop knot. He slaved over it for a while then anounced it was tied. It was an impressive knot for sure.
That knot was dubbed the mongolian-upright-double-grannie-bobannie-wookie-wa-ding-zing-triple-axle-loop knot.
He and I and KSS, LEH, Jwjs and Jk took the raft out to the floating dock and watched him get ready to cast it out.

We stood a safe distance as he set up and with a might fling cast that monster hook out. The string zziiiiiiiizzzed as the hook took flight. Then too our endless amusement the string fell slack and the gargantion-hook slipped free of its knot and continued to soar away on its own.

With its size and bright color we had no trouble following its flight. It made a heavy plop and sunk out of sight.

I of course wanted to ease his pain of loosing his prized lure and responded with a comforting BWAAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

So of all my fishing protogies the score is this:

Kss: 0 fish, lots of moss sticks and one magazine
Leh: 0 fish, and one cousin (you see Kss thats why you dont sit behind people who are casting), and she also caught herself.
Jeh: 0 fish, but did catch BIG AIR (see story above)
Jk: 0 fish
Jwjs: one chubb, who I swam out to the dock in COLD water to rescue and preform mouth-to-gill rescusitation while the kids stood around bawling the their eyes out screaming 'SAVE HIM!!' After cutting the hook and releasing him I looked up at them....Ummm did I forget to mention that the purpose of fishing is to catch fish?

So fish beware...we are once again out and about and will be looking to take you down.


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