Saturday, July 14, 2012

A show of hands for S'more

Years ago when my truck was was too new. I had never owned a vehicle without some sort of cosmetic flaw. So i decided to paint it.

I choose bright yellow to really pop on the shiny black.  My intention was to dip my butt in the paint and lean against the tail gate. Hey if people can hang balls off their trucks why not have a butt print back there?

Thankfully the farm kids caught me before I got that far and we decided to do hand prints. After a few of those we got one of the farm dogs to.

Those are the lighter yellow prints. Only four of them survived, the others long ago blistered and flaked off.

I got mixed reactions from people, some where "that's so cool!" and some where "your graffiti will lower the trade in value of the truck."

I plan to always have this truck. I would tell them, when I get rid of it, it will be dead and undriveable.

We have now painted it three times.

In case you missed the Star Trek mural here it is with its painters.

That paint job made it VERY easy to find in crowded parking lots!  And even may have saved my life...

I was at the store after midnight and loading groceries when I saw two men shirking in the shadows then approach me.

I set down my bag and addressed them. "Do I LOOK like someone safe to approach in a dimly lit parking lot?" I looked crazy eyed at the truck, "Does it look like I am taking my medications like I am suppose to??"

They backed up and disappeared.

I did notice while that paint job was up that not a heck of a lot of people asked to borrow my truck.

There are lots of Star Trek stuff in the mural. front bumper (we are venting Theta radiation),
under antena (Borg cube), Shotgun door (Temporal distortion, and Crystaline entity), shotgun passenger panel (fleet of Cardasion cruisers and Federation starships - check out JUR's force feild!), bed panel a bloody battle feild of ships and other stuff blown up in space.

My favorite reaction was the day after we painted it. I came out of the market to find a man staring at it shaking his head in a disaproving mannor. As I unlocked the door he commented.

"your kids do this?"

"yeah" I sighed playing it to the fullest.

"where were you while all this was happening?" another disaproving shake of his head.

"up here painting the flames!" 

His look was priceless.

This new paint job we did cause of the accident, my inner gamer couldn't resist doing this:

and well...heck ...there was extra paint so we also did this....

and this....

And you can bet if I ever have to part with the truck against my will, I will plaster that baby with bright yellow butt prints inside and out.

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