Sunday, September 16, 2012


From a reader's Email in response to my post Best-est older sister on the planet.

"Are there any compromising photos of you out there?"

(wouldn't you like to see the photos that promoted Wal-mart to issue this to me??!!)


Okay, Lets examin the evidence.

 I have a nudie streak a mile wide. I love to mug for cameras...AND I have a very warped sense of humor.

ergo....Too many to post. Waaaaaaay to many to post.

I will share my favorite one and the story behind it.

Did you know that nudy Prince Harry and I have one thing in common?...yup, we both have balls.

Of course mine are beet balls.

Those are my great grandma's pickled beet balls. On an insane laughter filled road trip down to see her we found them in her fridge. They had expired a 1/2 a century ago and we all joked that someday we would find ourselves the recipients of said beet balls at the reading of the will.

I lamented about being 4th in line to inherit them.

We (older sister, younger bro and me) decided to photograph them for posterity, and well things slipped down hill pretty fast after that.

Common, admit it, my choice of pose is legendary. Pickled beet balls are quite photogenic don't ya think?

That's my Tiny Grandma. She was as goofy as her great grand kids. Gosh how that woman loved to laugh.

I don't know who eventually inherited her beet balls, but knowing my family like I do, I am sure I have not seen the last of them. LOL!!

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