Friday, September 28, 2012


What could be such a vile force, to creep into a man's sanity and gnaw a hole? Thus allowing the liquid madness to seep in and jell...its destructive tendrils flaying out to take root like a cancer.

"Sedronomy" He declares aloud to an unseen jury, and for a moment he appears his true age of twenty-three, as his muscular body tenses pulling him to attention.

Within his psyche the hushed seductive voice of madness oozes from one shadow to another whispering as it goes.

He wilts into an old man and soundlessly sobs as he pounds the backs of his scarred hands onto his quivering thighs. His cobalt blue eyes clench tightly as he begins again to recite combinations of the endless verbal rubics locked in his mind, in an attempt to find the combination that will free him.

"snakes, cakes, big fat lakes...two  on two off, two on two off....sedronomy, hydronomy, anon-omy, anon-omy,... anon-omy" He arches back as his pale face grimaces. He grabs his disheveled shaggy brown mane and pulls at it, as if that will ease the internal pressure.

He is held by two orderlies as the nurse with lilac-rose perfume on coaxes him to relax his woody lips so she can pour in 15 cc of cloudy grape juice and Thorazine.

For a moment he resists, enjoying the sensation of being held, temporarily relieved of responsibility, as they are now in charge of holding him together. Keeping him whole and preventing him from shattering into a million pieces.

The loud taste of rotten moldy barley assaults his numb pallet, followed quickly by the skin sucking bitterness of the grape juice.

He swallows and comes up gasping for air...reborn by chemical baptism.

The madness laughs its deep rumbling laugh and goes no where. The drug will paralyze normal brain function and the madness will spread its dark gospel to the unresisting.

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