Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Caribou Woman

She stands on the cliff, late at night

the sea wind swirling her long dark hair like snakes.

She listens to the waves crash and echo in her heart.

She is a barnacle perched on the rock, Unmoving and still.

Waiting, no demanding that life come and happen to her.

Someones words bound her feet, chained her to the rock, sold her into self slavery.

She only knows this reality.

The moonless night is cold and harsh and amplifies her loneliness and gives the madness plenty of room to frolic.

She hears the haunting songs of the sirens and the piercing cries of the gulls.

She is mute and still.

Her moist eyes plead...oh help me,

help me, help me get free.

someone find me...FIND ME...

I am lost.

Her skin weeps red tears, no one hears the silent screams.

She looks up at the starry night and sees Caribou Woman in the mist. "Pull me out" she pleads.

Caribou Woman reaches back, "pull me in"

"I'm going to fall from this cliff and be no more" she cries

Caribou Woman settles next to her and responds, "child...there are many ways to get to the beach without falling."

"I'm afraid" she whispers "that I will fall"

Caribou Woman smiles gently "you are afraid you will fall, so you don't even try...sounds like you have already fallen. Hard to fall when you are already on the ground."

Caribou Woman rises and swirls away with the wind.

She reaches her heavy seaweed arms to the sky..."wait...wait...don't leave me here."

Caribou Woman's hands feel like dew drops on her cold skin. She tugs and pulls but cannot uproot her. "Let go child, you are meant to move and not be stagnate"

She lets go of Caribou Woman's hands and turns her eyes back out to sea. "I am not ready to go yet."

Caribou Woman swirls around her and settles at her feet, "I know. So I will wait with you until you are ready."

The hours pass in silence. Dawn brings the sun to warm the chill and banish the night demons.

A new day, another chance to learn to fly.

She breaths in the morning air.

(C)8-17-2004 PR
dedicated to Fell_out_of_bed

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