Monday, September 3, 2012

Hooked up

Before we went camping last month I took my son to Wal-mart to pick out a new fishing pole. As we were looking through them I commented "You can never have too many fishing poles."

From the next isle over came a mans voice: "I don't know who is over there, but will you marry me?"


During the camping trip I took the kids to the lake and my son decided to swim first then fish. My daughter threw a tantrum there on the shore. "I WANNA FISH! I WANNA FISH FIRST!!!" She was wielding her pole as if she was going to whip anyone who stopped her.

Knowing she was off her routine/diet and sleep patterns I allowed her a moment to calm down before I addressed her.

In that silence I heard a father lean over to his two young sons and comment.

"Boys, THAT is the type of woman you want to marry."

Too funny. 

All that reminded me of a trip to the lake years and years ago, Pre-marriage and kids, I was skinny then, hair down to my butt. I was in my string bikini and walking my friends dalmatian down to the camp store. The menfolk along the way glanced at me them ignored me.

At the store I grabbed beer for my friend and the farm boys met me and asked me to take their fishing poles back to the campsite so they could go swimming.

So on the return trip, I was skinny bikini clad woman with long hair, juggling a 12 pack of beer, tackle box and two poles and a dog.

This time the menfolk along the way now starred with big smiles on their faces, nodding there heads in approval. Somehow that configuration made me a heck of a lot more attractive!

Wish I had known this secret when I was younger.I will make sure my daughter has a good sized tackle box. for when she is ready to date in her twenties. Plus I will pass on that dad's wisdom to my son. Look for someone who is passionate about the things you are too.

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