Saturday, September 1, 2012

Medicated again.

off balanced a little since they cut down my thyroid medicine dose. I am sooo sensitive to meds that I was bracing for this. I am already noticing the spacey thyroid brain fog.

To deal with the mental health stuff, I am just going to take Ativan every morning. I am NOT playing hypo-hell games with my thyroid. Nope. Nada. Not gunna happen this time.

I hope with in a week or two my body will adjust to the lesser amt of thyroid hormones.

Did you know that once upon a time I had time to draw?

It been years.

I used to have a sketch pad with me 24/7. Drew all the time. I think in the last 12 years I have drawn 3 children's books, and a handful of other drawings.

Why did that disappear from my life? Why did becoming a wife/mother change that? Besides the lack of time?

Arthritis has set in my hands now. The last book I illustrated was painful.....but so much fun.

I wonder what stops me from drawing.

With my writing, I cannot stop. I can go only so long before the muse is kicking up dirt and demanding I write. I write or go mad, there is no choice.

No so with the drawing though. That I can turn off and on.

I am feeling ....medicated....with this Ativan dose. Calm and quiet.

That should keep you in line and out of trouble for a while, eh?

Aaaah, nope. I still am going post a doodle of my butt, and a cat butt.

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