Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer is over.

Time to get serious! 

Its quiet in the house this morning, just me and Hansolo. Prepping to go to her Kindergarten orientation this morning. That is her above running with a white tiger.

Friday is her IEP meeting. I hope I am rowing with both oars by then!! I am still struggling to adjust to the lower thyroid dose. Not taking ativan now just trying to tread water as I feel like I am drowning.

I'm afraid with my foggy mind I will come across as stupid.

"whats your daughters name?"

Me, "uh, wait I know that one.....um, can you make that question a multiple choice?"

We recently had a child come and stay the weekend with us. She was 8 years old and had severe speech issues. This child was not in speech therapy and the parents didn't think it was an issue.

I know an 18 year old boy with the same level of speech issues. I don't get it. The help is out there for FREE. Why didn't someone step in and help these children? Both are locked in to that speech pattern now.

It is not cute to hear grownups talk with toddler pronunciations.

Makes me wanna get up on my soap box and roar!

Makes me glad I fought like a wild cat to get my son the help he needed when he was 3 and didn't listen to everyone who kept telling me "oh hes's fine, he will out grow it"

If a parent tells you they think their child is not right...NEVER brush that off. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

When through that with one of my farm daughters too. We had doctors tell us "she will learn to walk if you stop carrying her"

When she was finally diagnosised with cerebral palsy I wanted to go slap all those people in the face. and tell them "Gee thanks for delaying treatment and making us feel stupid for thinking something was wrong, when it was."

Hmmm...yup yup, if I ran the zoo...things would be so different.

It just makes me so sad I can't help all the children.

So glad I could help my two.


  1. Who is the creepy guy taking a picture of you taking a picture in the first one?

    1. My fans are everywhere. Such is the price of fame.

    2. You are too funny P!