Thursday, September 13, 2012

Name calling

I would love to write about the funny adventures coming from a family of 12 kids and two parents...but there is one liiiiiiiiiiiittle thing that hinders that.

I don't want to intrude upon their privacy. While I hang my arse out there for everyone to see they may not want to be so exposed.

We don't have normal names so anyone googling my family members, say for a job or security clearance, could happen upon my blog and just by association to me it could cause them to be rejected. Though I don't know why I am a perfectly normal lunatic.

I have thought of ways around that....

Giving us all Borg designations:

I am Three of twelve sister subjunction three of four of unimatrix (maidenname)one.

but that would get cumbersome to type out.

Then how about initials?

P, P, P, R

wait is that me or my sisters...

R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R

huh? with bro is that?

curse my parents (R and P) we all have the same initials!!

How about childhood nick names?

Wog, Booboo, Y, Goya boy, Vacuum, Piss-ant....wait I don't want to be known as Piss-ant for all eternity.

Middle names?

Persephone, Jason, Octavian, Demetrius, Dante, Constantine

....Yikes! that suddenly changes out ethnicity to Greek/Roman. Makes us sound pretentious and stuffy. Plus all of us girls have multiple middle names and my first one sounds like a porn handle.

I could do:

Oldsis, Oldbro, me, Middlebro,Blondbro, Missingbro1, Missingbro2, Missingbro3, Youngerbro, Littlesis, BabyBro, Babysis.

bleah....I think I will just not talk about much simpler.

Yeah that's it.....I am an only child.

Added bonus for those of you who want to see the list of our me. I will share, I think I still remember them all....but you have to share your middle name with me! LOL

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