Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zombie Thyroid

In 2008 I swallowed radiation with the intent to kill my thyroid.  It was revved up and hyper as all hell as a result of Graves Disease.

The radiation treatment works in three ways.

1. It kills off your thyroid and you take thyroid replacement
2. It fails and you go back on thyroid suppressant
3. It damages your thyroid enough to keep you from being hyperthyroid but still in need of taking a supplement
or the holy grail
4. it damages your thyroid just right and you don't need replacement.

I have been pretty stable since the RAI in 2008 and have been in the 3rd category, I have taken 88 mcg of Levoxyl everyday.

My annual labs came back with this disturbing number. 0.33. Which means I am hyperthyroid again.

as in....

My damaged by radiation thyroid is alive and kicking in there. It's aaaAAALLLLIVEE!!!!

So yeah, I have a zombie thyroid.

It apparently has survived Hiroshima 2008.

Doc is dropping my Levoxyl dose to 75 mcg.

I was inching toward the hyper range last August too, but we choose to leave my dose alone. This time I am firmly in the hyper zone so must respond accordingly.

I hope it helps. I've been having a rough time of late with my anxiety and thyroid issues just monkey with that. Plus I have been feeling scattered heart palpitations. I have zero desire to return to the cardiac side effects of being hyperthyroid.

Last time they monkeyed with my thyroid meds I got a little psychotic. For real. Something about the falling thyroid levels in my body just shoved me over the line into that realm.

I pray this time that my body/mind can handle the drip without all the drama.

and if not, that will explain any nutty blog posts you might get from me hence forth...though it might be hard to differentiate from my normal nutty ones.

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