Tuesday, August 14, 2012

eehhh? Going deef

No that isn't misspelled, I am going deef, not deaf.  Going deaf is when you loose your hearing due to aging factors.

Going DEEF is when you loose it from waaaay too much ROCK IN ROLL.

My hearing started fading last year. It's picking up speed at an alarming rate. My son was calling me two night ago and it took a blood curdling scream from him to rouse me. Our rooms are right next to each other.

I am almost 47. Hell's bells I am falling apart!!

My hearing loss though, that is not only hereditary its totally a side effect of the 80's.

Daymn that was some awesome music!!!!

I wasn't a goth, I was in black because of the sheer volume of black concert T-shirts I owned. I could wear a back concert T-shirts for a month with no repeats.

My first concert was Rick Springfield. I will always be Jessie's girl. Screamed my self hoarse at that concert! LOL couldn't talk for days. Could hear nothing for 12 hours after the concert either.

I wasn't content to sit in the bleachers, I was down there mashed in the front row. I always came home smelling like 8 different guys BO with the imprint of the stage barricade on my chest. So lucky to have been to most of my concerts at the local fair ground expo arena. Something about the small venue make it more intense.

Not only do i like RnR....I like it the way it was ment to be heard.


see that cord coming out of my head? Gotta love those old clunky head phones. I used to listen to HOURS of music with those on. Hours of LOUD music.

I once had to give the owner of my work a ride to his car. I was a freaked out mess at the thought of being alone with him, I simply am too shy to be doing stuff like that. We got in and I started the truck and BAMMMMMMMMMM we were greeted with Def Leopard rocking their balls off.
I blushed and killed the stereo. Nervously I glanced at boss. He was knodding his head and smiling his sly smile. "soooo P, likes to rock!"

That I do.

So many memorable moments. Too many to list.

Some that leveled me and left me grinning for days....

Eddie Money. He came out on stage and said "I got tired of eating corn flakes, so here I am. Lets ROCK!" and he blew the roof off the expo arena for FOUR hours! his exhausted band finally drug him off after a zillion encores well after 1 am.

Taking my farm son to see KISS.

Seeing Fleetwood Mac with the original gang.... experiencing TUSK live was .....orgasmic.

Dancing to Ringo Starr with my husband while feeling my unborn son boogying intrauterine.

Having Steve Perry sing me (okay me and everyone else there too) Don't stop believing in an open air arena on a clear night with a full moon in the sky.  (I could have totally died that night, my life complete...it just don't get any better then that!! WOW!)

Strangely another stand out was having the Hooters sing Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds, accapella.
I usually do not like covers of Beatles songs (the Beatles are my favorite band, love them I do.) This cover though, hushed the entire expo arena and was INCREDIBLE.  They killed the lights and lit the lead singer with a spot light. Lucy has a series of hard beats in it like a " . . .bam...bam...bam " that are very recognizable. To have his voice lead up to them and then have nothing but silence was breathtaking, the whole audience would swell up to that point of the song then have nothing to release  the tension. wild, wild sensation by the end of the song it was like you could hear the audiences heart beat adding the missing drum beats in that silence.

Front row center watching Kitaro .....there are no words.

Loved the local group: In Flight the band....loved it when I got to go video them. I was too shy to go unless my sister dragged me down there. Holding the chunky old VHS camcorder gave me something to hide behind. They could sing/play to me all night!

aaaaaahhh, my poor hearing, it gave its life for a good cause!


  1. Just a quibble. You say, "Going DEEF is when you loose it from waaaay too much rock-n-roll." Yet I've listened to a lot of rock & roll since I was 15 and I hear fine. What you really mean is this: "Going DEEF is when you loose it from waaaay too much rock-n-roll that was too loud".

    Glad you enjoyed yourself, and I guess it's a good thing your husband knows sign language.

    1. "When listening to a personal music system with stock earphones at a maximum volume, the sound generated can reach a level of over 100 dBA, loud enough to begin causing permanent damage after just 15 minutes per day!"

      source: http://www.dangerousdecibels.org/education/information-center/noise-induced-hearing-loss/

      There is no comparison between our history of loud music. What is loud to you is no where near the volume I played mine at. There is a reason the speakers are blown in the tuck.

      When I say waaaaaay too much - I am talking about max volume for +6 albums both A & B sides. Not a few songs on the radio.

      Careful quibbling over small details in my blog writing. Most of these are/will be rough drafts, not polished writing. They would be different if I mulled them over and polished them to showcase perfection. If you want polished stuff free of errors this is DEFINITELY the wrong blog for you to be reading. :)

    2. I changed the emphasis for you....this time.
      I do not agree that the implied message was too vague for my readers. It reads too awkward with it all spelled out your way. I clearly, in the body, further explain my statement.

  2. True enough. After reading further it does become quite clear. And you're right, you're not writing a technical journal (we technicians must be exact in our language, or our instructions to the user or ourselves won't work!).

    In the future, I'll reconsider any suggestion before applying pen to paper. And I support your statement, it's your blog, and of course you may write whatever you want, however you want.

    1. oh my loving husband, when I am ready and wanting critical/ technical feedback on my writing, your opinion is the first I will seek.
      Right now I am "getting the bucks out" working on getting me writing each day. Exercising atrophied writing muscles. My stuff right now isn't fit to wrap fish in.
      Another side note my writing style will probably drive you crazy. I like to write like I do because if works for me. You will have no better luck changing my style then the legion of English teachers who have tried before. :)