Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode Five: Keys!! and a HACKING!!

To: Everyone
May 19, 2011

We will get keys Friday 27th. Corey and I signed papers today and Withington Street is ours. The repairs are taking longer then exspected, but we should have a beautiful place to move into.

Me and the kids finally got to see the inside. Its wonderful! We can't wait to move in.

Thanks for putting up with my nuttiness.


From: My Big sister
To: P
Subject: Re: keys!
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011

When do want me and the big truck?


Friday, May 20, 2011 9:13 AM
Subject: RE: keys!

Me: Are you willing to help on a holiday weeked? if so then Sat would be great. I'm going to haul as many boxes as I can over on friday to make room in the house to mannover the big stuff.

its got a pellet stove in it, heated garage. and two full more kid toys in my tub!! whoohoo!!

My sister: That's a big 10-4 good buddy.

What time? 10? Earlier? Later? Don't forget the truck holds A LOT so we could always move boxes first w/it and then do the big stuff. NOTE: do not kill yourself the day before.


Sister: As your elder sister, it is my duty to tell you that one of the levels of hell is moving boxes all day and then the next day finding them back where you started and having to move them all again.

You are obviously strung out on Pepsi today and need to detox before the move. Do you need an intervention?

Me: I am 4 days sober. I need chinese food.


When I heard about playstation accounts being hacked I was not concerned. I am a Nintendo-64 girl.

"Sony executives bowed in apology Sunday for a security breach in the company's PlayStation Network that compromised the personal data of some 77 million accounts on the online service."

Well now it seems.....Sony makes playstation and SoE as in Sony Online Entertainment.

as in MY EVERQUEST ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!! They have taken all and I mean ALL of their online game platforms offline while they deal with this breech of security.

Hello, my name is P, I am an EVERQUEST addict. I have been playing EQ 8 years. Corey and I logged many many hours of time playing this wonderful game. We have three accounts. JUR play too. Hansolo plays as well.

I nearly had Hansolo at home because I was playing while laboring and I wasn't going to head out to the hospital until I "pinged" my monk.

There is something very relaxing about beating up cyber foes with Corey. And the ocassional dueling between our charactures where my AWESUME MONK OF POWER crushes his charactures, (may not be able to defeat him on the chess battle field but in EQ I am the Queen!)

My house is packed up, we are waiting on for tennets to move out so we can see a rental, My work is done for the next 2 weeks, My stress release EQ is off line. gosh man, I am going to get into mischeif with all this free time!

So for now I will entertain myself with thoughts of our cyber identies being/(been?!) stolen and used to ruin our credit ratings and in the end result causing us not to get acepted into a new rental.

aaauuugghhh!!! LOL

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