Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode three: Going, going, GONE!!


Aparently this is the process for finding a rental in Medford, OR.

1. Cry
2. Boil and stew in near fatal stress/anxiety levels for 26 days
3. Look at a few scary (and I mean SCARY rentals)
4. Drive your loving patient hubby insane with rapid moodswings and crying jags
5. Drive the local property mangements nuts by pestering them every other day
6. cry some more

Today the property mangement we are with currently and love dearly, found us one of their 3 BR rentals. $750 and as a sweet bonus....literally RIGHT where I wanted to live and have even driven past thinking...."I wish one of these were open"

Its 1/2 block from the local school and only a handful of blocks from where we are right now! Withington street, in west medford.

JUR will have to change schools, but we will be close to all our friends. 5 mins from Corey's work so he will be home faster! I love that! even more time to spend with him.

We do not have a move in date yet, there still evicting the prior renters. Will let you all know.

I gotta go cry some more!

I iz so happy!

 Packing and moving

Several of you have offered to come help move us.

I have only one thing to say to your kind loving generous offers,

ARE YOU CRAZY?! .....err I mean THANK YOU!

If you are so inclined to get involved in my psycho-circus then I should inform you of a few things first.

You will need FBI clearance to touch any of the boxes on my computer due to the confidentual nature of my work.

To move any of the large freezers that are duct taped in the garage, and leaking strange fluids, you will need a plateless car, alis and an alibi.

LOL, wait, wait, true story time....

When we moved into 514 South Ivy I owned a lifesized medical skeleton. As we started moving in the neighbors were all chatty and welcoming. Then I made a trip over with the skeleton and carried him into the house. Two of the neighbors never talked to me again!! Bwahahahaha!

As weird as every thing has been, (okay as "I" have been) I must insist any helpers bring this with them:

Bail money.

I am just covering all the bases here. I mean you are about to make a flying leap onto my runaway, driverless anxiety fuel life. Never know what might happen. Just sayin' here....I'm not responible if you wake up in Tijuana with "Whats the square root of Doritos?" tattooed on your bum.

Be forwarned that even though I look like a domesticated housewife, I am in fact barely housebroken. Add no sleep and gobs of stress and caffine and I evolve into a lifeform not yet classified.

This is hard for me to allow people to help. I am the one who helps everyone else and then quietly shuns offers to be helped.

I am disabled. Physically disabled. I have been so for many years, but I ignore it and live through the pain. You all do not get to see me in the evenings and morning when I can barely walk, can't sit and writh in pain until I can spoon with Corey and his body heat relaxes my muscles. I was told years ago the heaviest thing I should lift is a gallon of milk. Also that I would be in a wheel chair by the time I was 50.
There are days I stubbornly deny all that and plan to run marathons at 90....and there are days I fear that I will not make it 50 before I am in the wheel chair. Multiple orthopedic injures and arthritis is a real drag just in case you were wondering.

Deep down I want to move everything myself. I want to struggle through the pain and do all this myself. Even though I know the resulting pain will takes weeks to subside.
I don't want to be a burdon to anyone. I don't want to let my little family down. I want to do my part.

or maybe I just dont want anyone touching my stuff? (Oh yeah becareful with any ticking or growling boxes you pick up...and dont loose any that say human organs for transplant, or radioactive material)

LOL, wait, wait, true story time....

When I lived on the farm, I was given several red hospital biohazard bags. I used them to decorate my room. They were outside trashbag size. With a giant biohazard symble on it and HUGE letters announcing BIO-HAZARDUS MATERIAL. They were great!! When LW and JEH moved in with us I took them down and vacated that room for them. The bags got folded up and left on the library shelf and forgotten. Years later the kids cleaned the library and used those bags to toss out the trash. I came home from work that evening and busted a gut laughing when I saw the bags lined up at the curb. I had intended to go back down and switch them out, but got waylaid by life and didn't. The next morning at 0530 I learned that GP sanitation has no sense of humor. It was so worth it though to be worken up that early to tromp back down there in my farm boots and night gown to do it while the trash men waited to see what toxic trash might be lurking in there!

Oh and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to pack and bring any of the ants with us! Do not listen to them when they say they have my permission to come with. Don't fall for there itty bitty sad eyes and packed suitcases. We are leaving them behind.

So here is the lastest on the rental. If the renter turns in keys today like she is supost to they will turn it post-haste. and we could be moving next week. If she doesn't turn them in, then they have to take her to court to take posession of the property. Court would be on the 23rd and if she doesn't show up then they can take possession and haul balls to get us in there, and we would hopefully (if she doesn't fight them) move before the end of the month.

oh and the rental doesn't have a fridge.

(insert mancial laughter)

This is actually becoming quite the adventure. Its like awaiting for Christmas morning so we can open our present. What will our new fridgeless home look like on the inside? What other "suprizes" will we find? Exciting!

I will let you brave souls wo are willing to help know once we get keys....and don't think us being moved will end me stuffing your in box with my e-mails...then I will start the Unpacking the Russell updates. I'm just hoping there are no sequals to "Looking for a rental - Starring the Russells!"

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