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Episode one: Homeless Barbie

Here is the moving saga in chronological order. There was stress, laughter and soooooo many tears. Its been just a year and the sting has faded a bit, but re-reading theses brings that craziness right to the surface. A FUN TIME WAS NOT HAD BY ALL!

I have also decided not to spell check these. What you will see are my normal misspellings. So don't bother pointing them out to me, I already know I can't spell...ironic curse huh? talented writer with awful spelling.

Some of these are really really triggering and I will give clear headings on those. I tried to deal with the stress with laughter and so a lot of these are funny as hell.

Moving the Russell's 2011 - Episode one: Homeless Barbie

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 3:44 PM
To: my big sister

nice Easter suprise....we got served a 60 day notice of termination without cause.

they dont have to even give a reason.

So we have to be out 15 days sooner then we exspected....ah lets excelerate stressed out P's time table.

thankfully taxes are coming or we would be homeless.

I'm goin to eat sugar, lots of it.....


Subject: Re: homeless barbie
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 18:46:05 -0700
From my big sister

Let me know when you need me, the big truck and a dolly! If Honey here I'll bring him too.

Let me know if you need boxes or help boxing, too.

The good news is...there's no looking back! Any hot leads on a new place? They must have heard you were looking to move.


From: P
To: My big sister
Subject: Re: homeless barbie
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011

boxes ? we dont' need no stinkin' boxes! (sorry channeling old movie dialoge...)

P <---- no fool, still has all her boxes from when she moved in, plus 100 more I have collected over the years. I'm alweays ready to flee my home land on a drop of a hat. (box horder for the win!)

We started packing on the first of this month, got a good handle on it.

the place is selling so the new owners must have pushed it...either that or someone must have tipped them off that I am a nincompoop LOL.

sigh,,,stressed but doing ok, we have close to $3000 coming in taxes. If we didn't have that comming I would be A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT STRESSEDER.


To: everyone
April 17, 2011

Well we were planning on turning in our 60 day notice at the Ivy Street place the first of May. The complex sold and the new owners served several of us with 60 day notices. So we are getting booted 17 days sooner then we were planning on. (who buys a rental complex and tosses out the renters?!)

We are waiting on tax $$ - should be here next week then we can start looking/applying for a new place. any prayers for a good, safe new home for us would be appriciated.

I had already started packing on the first of this month so all I had to do was ramp it up a notch. Our living room looks like a giant game of tetris with a wall of boxes.

My children have only known this house as home, there doing okay, but I can tell they're a bit stressed.

Corey is his usual calm cool unstressed self. (Hes off at a chess tourny won all three of his games on Sat, havent heard from him today yet.)

Me I'm a stressed out mess guzzling pepsi and packing like a maniac. (there are three things you never want to do with P...1. car repairs (HAH! the police get involved! thats a cools story if you ever want to hear it) 2. build stuff....P's armed with a hammer and power tools...could be dangerous. 3. pack/move.

I want it all packed, I'm resisting the urge to give everyone a roll of toilet paper and tell them to make it last till we find a place cause I'm packing the rest of it.

Corey's main jobs....move the four computers. The massive wires and cords will keep him out of trouble for a while. And play P wrangler. Keep me in a line is a full time job, heh.

This is all you know what we are up to. Also to explain any psychotic behavior you may see in me until we have landed somewhere. We have to be gone 6-13-11 from here. I am aiming for
5-30-11 so we don't have to pay for those 13 days in June. lets see that means we have to move during the absolute busiest days of my work schedule. Peachy! Good thing I was a boyscout and I always rememeber to be prepaired.



April 21, 2011

There turning it into a drug rehab complex. LOL feels like we are being discriminated against for being normal! The are booting all 8 of the units. One family just moved in 1 1/2 months ago and JUST got all unpacked and settled!

I'm ready to go now, got the place packed and just waiting on tax $.

April 26, 2011

I use writing to de-stress and calm down. What you are about to read is what happens when I tap my writing skills into the adeniline fueled madness in my mind. I am sharing it with you all cause, well cause bending family/friends cyber ears is cheaper than therapy.

I'm going to whine like a stressed out toddler up two hours past nap time. Feel free to ignore me. Since this move adventure began 14 days ago, the diet I have been living on is Pepsi, adrenaline, stress and old halloween candy I found while packing.

When Corey and I were engaged, it was up to me to find us a place to live in GP. It took me literally 30-40 calls on rentals BEFORE I realized they were not calling me back because of my name. So I started leaving my name as "Mrs. Russell" that worked and I started getting calls back. Set up 10+ showing and got stood up 9/10.

After an I-give-up-you-look-in-Medford-tearful conversation with Corey he started looking and in less than 5 days we had a place. Truthfully I could have lived anywhere with him. Didn't matter as long as we were together.

So much harder now. So much harder....the fustration is mounting in me. No luck finding a place yet. We are limited on the range we can afford due to the fact I am raising my own kids (no werehousing in day care here) and I feel its sooooooooo important that there is a parental figure there EVERYDAY after school. I have parented kids via the telephone when I was a nanny and worked swing shift. I will not do that to Corey's children. So I can't change jobs and my income is only part time.

We would like to upgrade to a 3 bedroom. I never (repeat NEVER) wanted my kids in the same room, and yet sadly here they are. So whats available in our price range. Lets see.

I have looked at a 3 bedroom that is in the flood plain, under the overpass and looks like it has been fortifided with enough junk to fend of an entire zombie apocalypse.

ah, no.

Second is a 3 bed room with the word "quaint" in the description. *eyebrow raises like Spock* Quaint in Medford means 3 bedrooms in a 835 sq feet with a second rental right outside the back door. And I do mean RIGHT outside the back door. Perfect for a family with no belongings and in need of slave quarters. Its truley a freaky thing to walk around the house and find this tiny "perfect for a serial killer" unit snubbed up in the back of it.


Today we did a walk through of a passable place. Well inside at least. Outside the yard is paved. ALL PAVED. Tell me if I am being too pickey, here I would like my kids to have somewhere to play. With a paved play area I would spend a fortune on bandaides. It also has no sidewalks. The lady in the next unit gleefully told us, "its so nice during the summer all the kids play out there in the street, the cars slow down for them."

Mentally tallys ER bills in with the monthly budget.

hmmm...zombie apocalypse house starting to look better.

We have 46 days to clear out of here. And where is here? 514 South Ivy street. My home. 10+ years of memories. 10 years of wonderful, peaceful bliss. JUR and Hansolo have never known anything else. This townhouse is highclass for the area we are in. It had an all new carpets and appliances when we moved in, it was so roomy. Well was roomy till the kids got bigger, now we are like sardines in here.

It was bought by a drug/alcohol rehab place. They dont want anyone here who isn't in recovery so they booted all 8 of the renters of us out of here.


*quietly ponders if Pepsi and meth are compatible*

We are being disciminated against because we are clean and sober? We also can't rent in two places here in Medford because we are a two income family! What the !!

when did being a normal family become so outdated?

raaaaaaaafffffffffffffffffff....the stress is chewing at my gut with its ravinous teeth. I am not asking for much. I want a roof over my familys head and some grass for them to play in....and a sidewalk.

*Throws self down and kicks feet*


For heavens sakes I used to live in a 12 foot travel trailer for years. I can handle cozy. Said travel tailer was butted up against a chicken enclosure. I worked nights. During the day the chickens would scale the pine tree and with a scream leap down onto the top of my trainer. Falling fat flapping chickens sounded just like what you would expect a zombie apocalypse too. Minus the chainsaws.

So I am not picky for me. Corey, mr-nothign-ruffles-me, I think will be happy as long as he has his family. I am picky for our children. There safey and well being is important. Though I am sure after a summer of tent camping in the homeless area along I-5 and/or the four of us living in the back of my truck for any length of time, my standards of housing may drop.

"The neighbors are killers and their illegally housed cougar ate the kids who used to live here? No problem, here let me scoot the remains of this old meth lab off the table so we can sign the rental agreement."

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