Friday, August 17, 2012

I don't know.

Emailed question to me poses this question.

Hey P - tell us why - the beatles are your fav band. How you get hooked on them?

I will have to give deep thought about answering that question, and find out if I can even answer that question without triggering the heck outta myselves.

My past was...unpleasent. The Beatles were the life perserver that I clung to through out it.




I used to play a game in my twenties, radio roulette. If I turned on the radio and it was a song I didn't like I could hurt myself. If it was comercials I had to go to bed, or go back to working on my homework.

There was a few times the ante of the game got upped. If I turned it on and it was a song I didn't like I could kill myself, and if it was a comercial I had to go inside and call my therapist.

Played it a lot in the solitude of my trailer.

Over those long lonely years a few times I had fatal means in my hands or on the table infront of me when I played that game.  Each and EVERY time that was the case, I clicked the radio on and was greeted with Beatles songs.

What ever spins the world around made sure I stayed safe those nights.

So when I tell you the Beatles music saved my life I kid you not.

hmmmm....okay, yes. I will answer your question Taylor, but not tonight dear one. Its a long story.

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