Thursday, August 16, 2012

oh the irony.....

I am finally feeling mentally back together after being off balanced by the car accident last May. I feel like me again.

My elbow will never be the same and that ticks me off, but I am alive.

My truck is now a trashed mess, all that hard work to keep it in good condition, wasted, but it runs.

Now I want to get back to the path I was literally knocked off of. I want to get on with living. Kids and I are planning to spend the day at the fair tomorrow.

and I woke up sick today.


I have to go to the fair in 105 weather with a fever??


For my last meal I plan to have a garbage grinder and elephant ear with cotton candy chaser, curly fries and a side of strawberry pie, washed down with what ever cold drink is closest to the Legion booth.

If this is the last blog post you get from me then you know, I succumbed to the weather/fever. You will probably find my corpse on the Gravitron.  Either there or nestled with the pigs in the Ag barn.

Either way we paid for the all ride arm bands, stick me on at least 10 more rides before you call the mortuary.


  1. I enjoyed my life with you, Dogdancing. I hope your last day is a good one.

    1. Funny aye? I "die" in real life as often as I do in BG. Keep your hands off my "unmakes" till after the funeral, then you can gut my decks. And I totally plan to die an old lady in your arms.

  2. I doubt very much I would "gut" your decks. They are evidence of your creative expression, so they would remain largely unchanged. Having said that, if a deck idea just doensn't work, I might tweak a it a little to make it have a better record than 0%.

    And I'm glad you aren't giving up the fight. I was just using some reverse psychology...

    1. reverse psychology... doesn't work on you really think I would check out when I am King of the Hill? not a chance buster. Though it would secure my title for all eternity....

  3. I know you don't want to check out..yet. But if you die first, I just have this suspicion you'll happen to be king of the hill then. You're getting better at deck building, so who knows, maybe it will be like EQ, you're always king of the hill by then.