Friday, August 24, 2012

what the heck!

I only took a few days off from writing to recover from being sick and I have forgotten how to write!

LOL, that is how undisciplined my mind it. I will make it a point not to skip any meals least I forget how to eat.

I have sat here the last few days with nothing in my writers bucket. Not even writers block....just nuffin in there.


Waiting on thyroid lab results. I am hoping they are off. I would really hate to feel this lousy and have them be normal.

I am in a wretched spin cycle at work. The kind were it takes all your concentration to not be drowned.

Wed the 5th of September will be my first day off. O.o

ha, like how I am spacing my ramblings to give the appearance that I have something to say?

My big sis turned 50 this week. She is skinny and looks great! I don't have her disciplined when it comes to food.

I visited some big cats  today and I am still smelling the lion. I could have sat there all day and watched the jaguars...such incredible cats. I am lucky to have them so close.

My kids have the end of summer cranks.

oh great now I need to tie this all together and give it a satisfying end so you all won't be demanding your money back for reading this drivel.


...common profound thoughts...

soul shattering revelation....

um, my new camera is pretty cool. I love it.

dude at least write a poem or something.

ok, fine.

My new camera is cool,
we don't have a pool,
yeah the kids are almost back in school.
I should challenge my hubby to a duel.
4.09 is the cost of Oregon fuel.
I don't like the taste of gruel.
My sister has a mule.

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